Welcome to Corley Centre

Please read Updated COVID 19 Risk Assessment June 2021 for students, staff and visitors attending Corley Centre during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
TALK MAIL We now have an email address available to students who may need, or want, to talk to a member of staff during this time. Students can email talk@corley.coventry.sch.uk and a senior member of staff will access the messages and help where they can or contact other staff where needed.

FREE SCHOOL MEALS. Please remember that if your financial circumstances change, you will be able to make an application for free school meals during this time. If your circumstances have changed and you are planning to make an application, please notify us directly, as we may be able to offer some assistance

THE SCHOOL NURSING SERVICE is still available to support students. They have a ‘CHAT HEALTH’ service set up for teens to message, anonymously, a school nurse Monday – Friday, 9-5pm, with any worries or concerns they may have about physical/ emotional health. The number for this service is; 07507 331949. The school nursing service also have a number for parents to contact school nursing with any worries or if they need advice around behaviour/ sleep etc. for their children. This service is called PARENT LINE and the number is 07507 329114.

Headteacher’s Welcome

Corley Centre is a secondary special school for students with complex social and communication difficulties. Many of our students have a diagnosis of autism and their academic abilities span the full National Curriculum and GCSE/vocational range. Read More >> 


Our Learning Environment

Addressing Our Students’ Autism Needs

Our students present very differently, both from neurotypical individuals and from each other. They are fully representative of the autism spectrum.

Given the diversity within the autism spectrum and between individuals, there is no single educational intervention that is useful for all students, and no single intervention that would on its own be sufficient to meet all the needs of a particular student on the autism spectrum. Read More >>

Students New To Corley Centre

All new students will be invited with their parents for an individual tour of the school at which time they will be able to meet some staff and older students and ask any questions they may have.