Home Learning – ICT

Summer Term Week 2 – w/c 4th May

Students will complete an online module which will give them instructions to complete projects on scratch software which is free to access online on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones – it can also be downloaded to use offline.

Scratch is a programming software that students can use to program and build interactive stories, games and animations. Instead of typing code, Scratch uses visual blocks like puzzle pieces to create a program. Scratch is very similar to lego because the number of ways to arrange the blocks is endless.

Foundation 1,2 and 3

Class 4

Class 9

Classes 5,6,7,8

Students will learn to build and style their own webpages using HTML and CSS coding by following an online module. They will get to use new, exciting free resources such as trinket.io.

Year 10


Option B – Creative iMedia

Year 11



CiDA students will complete an informal game making project similar to the one they did for their internal assessment using game authoring software Contruct3. Choosing or designing their own brief, students will need to complete the design, build and promo of their game.

The links, information and resources from Spring 2 can all be found here.