Home Learning – Science


Ideas for experiments at home with household items including ‘how to grow a rainbow’, ‘reversing arrows’, ‘tornado in a bottle’ and many more to try.

If you try any of these or any other experiments at home please let us know about how you get on and show us pictures if you would like. Please let us know via Mr Walker’s email: jwalker@corley.coventry.sch.uk

Previous tasks/resources from Spring2:

Task: “Research how Covid-19 control measures are impacting air pollution levels around the world”

Students can complete this in any format: Poster, informative leaflet, map, piece of writing, argument for and against lockdown in terms of pollution or design a powerpoint presentation.

Task: Disease and the Evolution of Medicine Timeline Activity

Students are tasked to create a timeline of different diseases, medicine and the evolution of vaccines in Britain. This can be either written over several pages (possibly stuck together to create a long timeline) or electronically – you can add as many illustrations as you want. Further information and useful links for this task can be found here.

KS4 – GCSE Biology


Task: Research The History of Electricity How have the pioneers of electricity helped society?”

Produce a piece of work which could be in the form of an essay, informative leaflet, timeline, PowerPoint presentation or any other way you chose to present the work. Further information and useful links for this task can be found here.

If you need any support please contact our Science Lead Mr Walker on jwalker@corley.coventry.sch.uk