Home Learning – Year 11

Spring Term 2 Week 1 – w/c 22nd February 2021


Mr Binns’ and Ms Skirrow’s Groups:


Ms Potter’s Group:

Dr Larnder’s Group:

GCSE Biology


Students are expected to begin their own Active Citizenship Project on a topic of their choice. All evidence of research and subsequent actions should be saved and reviewed once in school. Please contact Ms Rose with any questions.


Choose 3 of the online videos to take part in each week – Home Workouts

Option Courses

Art and Design

Individual work will be provided by Ms Barnett


Food Technology

Design and Technology



Creative iMedia

After covering learning outcome 1 in lessons, students should now complete task one of their assignment. Please refer to the assignment brief. You can complete the task in software that you feel most appropriate, MS Word, MS Powerpoint etc or even using pen and paper. Please refer to the marking bands to help guide you. Any research should be referenced or put into your own words. As this is your assignment, all work should be completed independently. Work can be emailed to Mr Cresser for your return to school. jcresser@corley.coventry.sch.uk

BTEC Sport

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