We aim to enrich the learning of our students by capitalising on their interests as well as expanding their understanding of the world around them, using rewarding experiences and motivating activities.

Our school Mission Statement outlines the core purpose of our curriculum, which is to support our students in becoming self-confident, independent and motivated learners who strive to reach aspirational goals.

Our academic curriculum follows the National Curriculum and leads to attainment in a range of externally accredited qualifications including GCSE, Level 1 and 2 equivalents and Entry Level.

Our well-being curriculum focuses on the development of students’ social and communication skills, personal development and independence.

Our students’ needs are varied and extensive and regular reviews of our curriculum ensure that it remains relevant and challenging.  We recognise that differentiation in the classroom is key to success and it is this personalisation that we strive for in order to ensure that all students’ needs are fully understood and addressed.

Our learning environment is designed to meet all of our students’ individual needs.

Our curriculum in all key stages (3, 4 and 5) has a strong Personal, Social and Health Education focus.  This enables our students to develop self-awareness and self-esteem, alongside their role in society and understanding of others, with a particular focus on keeping themselves safe and developing independence.

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