KS3 Homework

Key Stage 3 Homework

During the Summer Term staff and some students discussed how to increase student participation, ease of understanding and manageability of Key Stage 3 homework. It was agreed to introduce a new style of homework with increased choice for students, which focuses on learning skills such as research and application.

Each half term students will have a menu from which they can choose their homework.

Students are encouraged to complete at least 6 items from the menu during the course of the half term. The menu has a range of different types of tasks, of varying lengths and difficulties, which students can select from. Parental support is encouraged to discuss tasks with students, support with decision-making and reviewing tasks.

Students are able to complete homework at school during lunchtime if they prefer and support is also available from their Mentor.

Alongside completing tasks from the menu, students are encouraged to read regularly and practice their basic maths skills such as using money, learning timestables and telling the time. All students are able to access the mymaths website which gives support and practice activities for all areas of mathematics. Information to support reading and maths is enclosed and also available on the school website.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of KS3 homework please contact your child’s Mentor or Senior Link

Summer Homework Menu

Suggested Reading Lists

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Coventry Libraries provide Homework Help sessions throughout the city and also provide emagazines that you can download to your device for free.Our emagazines include Horrible Histories and RasPi.

All you need to have a successful start to the academic year.