Student Council

school council

Aims of the Student Council

Develop the realisation in students that they have a positive role to play in creating a caring environment within the school and the local community.

    • Increase self-esteem and confidence by debate, action and student voice.
    • Encourage a sense of mutual responsibility and social cohesion within the school.
    • Promote positive behaviour, mutual respect and concern for one another.
    • Increase student initiated activities

Responsibilities of the Student Council representatives

    • To represent each mentor group.
    • To hold a position of responsibility on the Student Council.
    • To attend regular meetings.
    • To inform the members of the mentor group about decisions and discussions made at Student Council meetings.
    • To discuss with the mentor their opinions on relevant subjects and reflect this in discussions at Student Council Meetings.
    • There needs to be both a Key stage 3 and a Key stage 4 representative.

Procedures for election as mentor representatives

This usually takes place in early September.

      1. Students are nominated by another person in the mentor group.
      2. Candidate’s names are written on the board.
      3. Candidates give a brief speech about why they wish to be mentor Reps.
      4. All students including the candidates have one vote for a Key stage 3 and one for a Key stage 4 representative.
      5. These votes are written down on 2 separate pieces of paper, candidates are allowed to vote for themselves.
      6. Two students who are not standing for election then add up the votes.
      7. The results are read out in ascending order.
      8. The successful candidates are congratulated.
      9. They may give a brief speech of thanks.
      10. The names of the successful students are given to the allocated member of staff with responsibility for the Student Council Meetings