High Attaining Students

At Corley Centre we are committed to meeting the needs and interests of all students and providing an education that will enable each student to realise their full potential, including more able, gifted and talented students.

Students who are identified as more able, gifted or talented are offered a wide range of challenging activities and targeted support to enhance their learning.

Provision at Corley Centre includes extension tasks as part of the curriculum and also enrichment opportunities beyond lesson time. We are committed to teaching and learning strategies that support all students and challenge the most able, and we provide regular professional development to staff. Lessons include regular opportunities for extension in depth and in level of challenge. Students are encouraged to develop problem solving and higher order skills, and teachers use a variety of teaching styles to cater for learners’ individual needs.

By ensuring effective provision for the more able, gifted and talented students, standards can be raised for all students. Our provision aims to create a challenging and supportive teaching environment which promotes personalised learning and a learning culture where expectations are high and students can become increasingly responsible for their own learning. Progress is regularly reviewed to ensure all students are on course to achieve their targets.

Students are also provided with opportunties to participate in enrichment activities. Recently this has included performing at the RSC as part of the Shakespeare School’s Festival, Debate Mate including participating in a debate at Birmingham University, Computing Club where students learn how to build and program their own computers, Aim Higher maths club and Statistics GCSE in addition to mathematics lessons and outreach activities in sports with other schools where our high attaining students take on Sports Leadership roles.