Homework Policy


Purposes of Homework

  • Offers additional learning time to help students achieve higher standards.
  • Enables students to review class work and check that they have understood it.
  • Enables students to prepare for future lessons through individual research.
  • Gives students the opportunity to reinforce their skills by practising them.
  • Offers opportunities to develop problem solving skills.
  • Extends student’s learning and widens their experience.
  • Enables student’s to pursue individual interests in subject areas.
  • Helps students to develop study skills – including time management and planning.

Parent/Carer Support

Parents can support students in completing homework by:

  • Ensuring that positive working conditions for completing homework are available at home. This could include space with a desk or table, good lighting and no distractions.
  • Support school in helping students understand that homework is an important part of their academic progress.

Amounts of homework


  • In KS3 a half termly ‘menu’ of homework based around a theme will allow students to develop their learning skills. The ‘menu’ will cover a broad range of curriculum areas and offer opportunities for students to complete homework in a variety of styles allowing them choice of task.

KS4 and KS5

  • Up to one hour per week for each accredited course including English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Options.

Students who do not complete homework

Corley Centre recognises that due to the needs of our students the completion of work outside of school can be a source of anxiety and conflict.

  • Homework completion is positively encouraged and rewarded. This may be through the giving of SPLATS, comments shared in Celebration Assembly, notes home to parents or strategies individual to each student.
  • Parents/carers should seek support around homework issues from the students’ Pastoral Mentor. Non completion of homework will be discussed with parents.
  • There are no consequences for not completing homework.