Lunch Menu

We operate a Fresh Kitchen at Corley Centre with all meals prepared on site in our well-equipped kitchen.  We produce our menus to meet healthy eating standards and to offer our students variety. Specific dietary requirements are also provided for.

Mealtimes are seen as a time to further develop social and interaction skills and students are able to chat freely with friends or staff as well as being encouraged to maintain high standards of table manners.

Should you wish your child to have school meals, please contact Kathy Thornett in the school office, who will arrange this.

You may be entitled to Free School Meals for your child.  Your local Council Benefits’ Office will be able to give you further details. For more information please click here

The cost of a school meal is £2.15 per day.  Payment should be made by either cash or cheque payable to Corley Centre.

A small number of students bring a packed lunch from home.  As a Healthy School, we ask for parents’ support us in providing healthy options.

The kitchen also runs a Tuck Shop at morning break where students can purchase healthy snacks. Prices range from 15p to 50p (due to be reviewed September 2014) and students are encouraged to make sensible and healthy choices.

Sample Lunch Menu