New Student Information

Transition Arrangements for New Students September 2016

All new students will be invited with their parents for an individual tour of the school at which time they will be able to meet some staff and older students and ask any questions they may have.

Transition Visit:
This will be a short visit for the new students to meet myself and familiarise themselves with the school environment. We will do a tour of the school, where students will be able to look into various lessons and classrooms and meet some of their new teachers.

Transition Day:
This is a longer visit. Students will have a ‘taster’ of lessons they will be having. Students will stay in our Transition classroom for this time, meeting staff and discussing their move to Corley. We would like students to NOT wear their current school uniforms for these visits as we want them to begin to identify with each other as a group. Parents are required to transport their child to and from Corley Centre on these days.

Previous School Visit
I will arrange to visit your child at their previous school and will give them their own copy of our DVD, which we hope will give them reassurance about the transition to Corley Centre. The film has been made for new students by our current Year 7 students. During the visit I hope to introduce myself and answer any questions students may have at that time.

Peer Supporters
If your child has any questions that they would like to ask another student then they can email: Peer Supporters are students who have volunteered and have been trained to help our existing students and those who are new to Corley Centre.

Please refer to the uniform section of the website which will give you guidance on the school uniform required at Corley Centre. Example uniform will be available at reception during your transition visits and orders can be taken then.

West Midland Special Needs Transport provides transport for our students to and from Corley Centre unless parents opt for a Personal Transport Budget from the Local Authority. Parents will be contacted by the Local Authority to discuss this on an individual basis.

Students can choose to bring a packed lunch, which will be kept in the fridge until lunch time, or purchase a school meal. Lunch menus are displayed in the Dining Room showing the options available for the week. School lunches are payable through the school office. Lunch time at Corley Centre is divided into Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Each Key Stage has 30 minutes in the Dining Room, where students can eat and talk at their table, practising their social and communication skills with adults and peers. Students then have 30 minutes of unstructured time during which they may attend a club or meet with friends or staff outside.

Pupil Premium
Schools are provided with a Pupil Premium allocation for students who are eligible for Free School Meals, looked after or from services families. The money is used for that student to provide resources within the school. Money will only be allocated if the relevant documentation is supplied to the Local Authority, if you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals could I ask that you complete the form (link) and forward it to the school. Please note that your child is still able to bring sandwiches, they do not have to take up the option of free school meals. If you need help to complete the form or wish to discuss this privately in more detail please contact our Family Support Worker Mrs. M Phillips. For more information please click here

We appreciate that this can be a time of mixed emotions for both our new students and for their families and we endeavor to do everything that we can to ensure that the move is a positive experience. If you have any questions or concerns at any point please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself here at school.


Mrs. S. Heckle, Assistant Headteacher