This page is designed to help you prepare for your forthcoming exams. Use the subject pages opposite for subject specific revision help. These pages will be updated frequently so please check for further website links and resources.

Five Top tips for Revision:

  1. Draw up a revision timetable – ask a staff member or someone at home to help you. Research shows that shorter 20-30 minute spells work best, because your concentration is much higher. We therefore recommend taking short, frequent breaks. We also advise to mix the order of the subjects.
  2. Exercise – physical activity increases heart rate which makes the blood circulate faster. This in turn ensures that brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress.
  3. Find a quiet space in which to work – this can be at home or school. Some students like to listen to music while they are studying and others like complete silence.
  4. Use colour and visuals – the use of highlighters or mind maps can help you by identifying key words you need or grouping ideas by topic by drawing small images.
  5. Use revision guides, websites and past papers – practising the types of questions on the exams and familiarising yourself with the mark scheme or key points will help you to see what examiners are looking for.

           GCSEpod Revision Resource – This link will give revision tips and help for all subjects.


Examination Board Contingency Day Wednesday 26th June 2019

GCSE Summer Timetable 2019


Tues 7th & Weds 8th May

GCSE OCR Art All Day

GCSE OCR Art All Day

Tuesday 14th May

GCSE Science – Biology Paper 1

Wednesday 15th May

GCSE English Literature Paper 1

Tuesday 21st May

GCSE  Maths Paper 1

Post 16 GCSE  Maths Paper 1

Thursday 23rd May

GCSE English Literature Paper 2

Tuesday 4th June

GCSE English Language Paper 1

 Post 16 GCSE English Language Paper 1

Thursday 6th June

GCSE Maths Paper 2

Post 16  GCSE Maths Paper 2

Friday 7th


GCSE English Language Paper 2

GCSE Science – Biology Paper 2

Post 16 GCSE English Language Paper 2

Tuesday 11th June

GCSE Maths Paper 3

Post 16 GCSE Maths Paper 3

Wednesday 12th June

GCSE Citizenship Paper 1

Thursday 13th June

GCSE Statistics Paper 1

Monday 17th June

GCSE Citizenship Paper 2

Tuesday 18th June

GCSE Statistics Paper 2

A copy of the GCSE Exam Timetable is available to download here.



















A copy of the Student Exam Check List is available to download here.