Revision tips for Mathematics


Learn key Mathematics knowledge such as formulas; conversions (like fractions/decimals/percentages and metric measures); key information (like different types of numbers and angle and indices rules) do this by:-


  • Reading through the Math knowledge sheets you were given or the pages on maths in your planners or the revision sheets below
  • Noting which things you already know and tick them off
  • Breaking down things you do not know into smaller chunks – less than 5 things at a time
  • Rewriting these 5 things over and over again until you can remember them
  • Drawing mind maps or diagrams
  • Recording the information on your phone and listen to it
  • Getting a family member or friend to test you
  • Looking things up on the internet using GSCE pod and other websites
  • Finding ways to link to things you already know or to visual clues that will help you remember.

Revision Notes Higher

Revision Notes GCSE Foundation

Useful websites for Maths revision – Exam board Edexcel